Thursday, November 1, 2007

alcohol-fueled dromedary death

Group discipline in the military is nicely summarized with the following maxim:

"The majority shall be punished for the crimes of the minority."

Alternatively: "You are only as stupid as the stupidest asshat among you."

Recently, I mentioned the Bitter End. It is a beer-filled oasis to which we warfighters repair when operations and sleep and our general tolerance for other people* is sufficient enough to warrant a couple cold Tuskers and maybe a round of darts.

The Bitter End (and its sister cantina mantina**) is closed.


Because some fucktard violated the rules*** and had a few dozen too many while patronizing the mantina, then promptly left our camp driving an (ubiquitous) Land Cruiser, and ran into a camel****, killing it.

No more Tusker.

* Other people: Fugly personality-void Frog Hogs notwithstanding.
* Mantina: So-called because of its gender imbalance. Some have referred to it as "Dry Sausage Soup."
*** Rules: Daily consumption is limited to three drinks.
**** Camel: "There is no other community in the world where the camel plays such a pivotal role in the local community and culture as in the Somali community." (source)


SweetEscape said...

I tell you, I wasn't expecting a camel to be what he ran into. This made me laugh only to immediately feel bad for the poor camel (was the camel hurt?). And then for the rest of you who can no longer partake in the what is undoubtedly fun times that is the Bitter End and Mantina.

Bag Blog said...

I assume you attended public school - why aren't you use to this type of justice.

Land Cruiser - Camel? Of course the camel was hurt.

Just try hitting a cow in NM and see who gets punished. Of course, in NM there would have been no driver of said vehicle - the only place in the world where there can be a three car collision and no drivers.

Bag Blog said...

After considering my camel comment above, I thought it might sound rather snide - didn't mean to sound that way. I would bet the camel was hurt as well as the land cruiser.

Jo said...

Nooooo!!! Poor camel! I LOVE camels. They're so cute.

Ashley said...

It sucks when one person fucks it up for everyone else. Poor camel!

But seriously? Aren't camels HUGE? Even drunk you'd think you wouldn't miss something like that...