Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What You Are

Oddly, some of my closest friends are audiophiles. I am not.

I have, on occasion, been called tone-deaf. Woefully so. Yet, I am comfortable with this condition that keeps me from both learning Mandarin as well as appreciating that angelic melody on -insert band name here-'s b-side track!

I take even more pleasure than most at "singing", at the top of my lungs, my favorite songs in the car. I'll rock out in the shower with the best of them. I just know that I'm terrible; but it's okay!

This does not mean that I do not appreciate good music. I love my music. Really, I do. I have just come to grips with the fact that my opinion of music is not generally shared by people for whom good music cannot be found on iTunes.

(This blog here... well, it do be my soul. Not that I'm ashamed, or anything, but...)

For example: I run to Avril Lavigne. (The old album, this new one blows.) Seriously. I have caught so much crap for this. Oh, well. Despite the voluminous library of my iPod, I have been absolutely unable to find a set of tracks that just keeps me going one more mile. Somehow, she does it for me.

More: as I type this, I am listening (attentively, mind you) to Evanescence. I love Amy Lee. I have pushed my way to the stage with the hope of her just sweating on me.

My most recent iTunes purchases were: 1) a complete James Brown library. (Okay, this one probably makes me less uncool,) and 2) Metallica's S&M.

My point is that my tastes are varied, but certainly not audiophilic. I am utterly incapable of participating in a discussion among friends about the greatest lead guitarist ever. Or the relationship between Cream and Led Zeppelin.

See? I'll bet the audiophiles about whom I write are just this second saying, "that doesn't even make sense! There is no relationship between Cream and Led Zeppelin."

Which only serves to prove my point.

Nonetheless. All this mindless, circuitous prattle is meant to be a preface to my intended purpose here, in this post. share a song to which I recently listened, and which I think is terribly apropos of today's thinking about my crisis.

Apologies to those that think Audio Slave sucks.

And when you wanted me
I came to you
And when you wanted someone else
I withdrew
And when you asked for light
I set myself on fire
And if I go far away I know
You'll find another slave
Cause now I'm free from what you want
Now I'm free from what you need
Now I'm free from what you are
And when you wanted blood
I cut my veins
And when you wanted love
I bled myself again
Now that I've had my fill of you
I'll give you up forever
And here I go far away
I know you'll find another slave
Cause now I'm free from what you want
Now I'm free from what you need
Now I'm free from what you are
Then a vision came to me
When you came along
I gave you everything
But then you wanted more

Does this make me as bad as a lovelorn teenager making a mix tape?

Oh, well. It's me.


Kristin said...

I always post lyrics. I'll be back to find out if that's a bad thing.

inowpronounceyou said...

Ummm....there are like a million connections between Cream and Led Zep...which actually I think proves your point moreso. Sorry dude. But really, fuck what other people think. You dig what you dig. Case closed.

However, I dig the shit out of Audio Slave. Chris Cornell could sing the alphabet and I would ask for Happy Birthday as an encore. (and, if you like them, check out the band the Panic Channel...youheard it here first)

~Justin said...

See? Audiophiles serve me!

Thanks, INPY. I listened to one cut, and promptly downloaded the album.

Well, not promptly. Nothing's prompt here. But I now have it, nonetheless, and I'll enjoy the tracks on today's mission.

shadowsofourselves said...

I'm glad you posted Evanescence as a favorite...Amy Lee DOES have an amazing voice. I know it's all popular and everything, but I'm a big fan of "Bring Me To Life." Though I should just suck it up and download the whole album. I bet there are some better tracks.